Aeroflex USA, Inc. established in 2003, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Polymer Group (EPG) headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Aeroflex USA, Inc. product quality draws from EPG’s world-class rubber R&D center and its almost 30 years of experience developing and testing EPDM rubber products. All of our foam rubber insulation products are American-made at our manufacturing facility in Sweetwater, TN with sales covering the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Alpha Associates is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of high performance industrial fabrics and composites. For more than 35 years we have supplied customers worldwide with materials to meet critical application requirements. Alpha is committed to maintaining the leading edge capabilities to pursue synergystic opportunities with, and create competitive advantages for, our customers, suppliers and enterprise partners.

Access Plug Flange, Inc. manufactures the most durable and wide-ranging inspection plugs for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. APF, Inc.’s acquisition of it’s own elastomer molding facility has been instrumental in the development of “matching inspection plugs to process temperatures”. This ability is what allows our product line to ensure the integrity of the system, even if the insulation core is lost or discarded during the inspection process. Our inspection plugs have a reputation for durability and quality. Other inspection plugs may cost less, but can fall apart after a short period of time when exposed to the elements. The labor cost for replacing these damaged inspection plugs in the field will exceed, by far, any savings generated by using lesser quality inspection plugs. We are not bragging when we say “The Worldwide Leader In Inspection Port Technology.”, we have the facts to prove it.

You can trust Apache Industrial Services with the right Insulation application. We use high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel jacketing, with a variety of durable insulations such as thermal, acoustic, cryogenic, and configurable blankets. Services include personnel protection, piping, equipment and machinery of any kind, hot, cold, maintenance, turnarounds, and new construction.

Armacell is a global innovator in foam technologies and the world leader in the market for flexible technical (mechanical) insulation materials. Apart from ARMAFLEX, the most trusted brand in flexible, fiber-free mechanical insulation, we produce thermoplastic insulation materials, covering systems, noise control products and special foams for a multitude of industrial and athletic applications and foam cores used as composite materials.

Aspen Aerogels’ flexible aerogel insulation blankets provide industry-leading thermal performance for improved energy efficiency, faster installation, and reduced operational and maintenance costs in both hot and cold service. Our revolutionary insulation materials deliver maximum thermal protection with minimal weight and thickness for service temperatures from -460°F (-273°C) to 1200°F (650°C). This wide range enables our products to perform in low, high, and dual temperature applications while achieving significant total installed cost savings and operational savings.

Bay Insulation Supply – From locations throughout the country, we offer a complete product line and maintain a huge inventory of commercial and industrial insulation products. We have many products in stock and ready for delivery. Whether your application uses the heat requiring refractory products or the frigid cold of cryogenics, our broad product line has you covered. Our mechanical system insulation inventory runs deep, too, with products from a variety of manufacturers. If you need a specific brand of insulation, we’re likely to have it.

Brand/Safway is a leading provider of specialty services to North America’s energy markets. Its extensive portfolio of specialized industrial service offerings include scaffolding, coatings, insulation, refractory, forming & shoring, cathodic protection, mechanical services and other related crafts. The company also serves the infrastructure and commercial markets throughout North America and in strategic international regions. Brand operates in five key market segments: Upstream/Midstream, Downstream, Power Generation, Industrial and Infrastructure.

Brock’s industrial insulation expertise helps facilities operate at maximum efficiency while reducing risks and costly repairs. Our capabilities include installation in support of large-scale capital construction projects, energy efficiency studies, maintenance and repair.

Coverflex is the only single source supplier of removable, Custom Insulation Blankets. We provide on-site service to measure your equipment for a custom removable insulation blanket and then return to perform a professional installation, so your removable insulation cover is fitted exactly to specification.

For over five decades, Dyplast Products has offered innovative and cost-saving pipe and equipment insulation solutions to an array of low temperature applications such as cryogenic, chilled water, refrigeration, low temperature steam, and hot process lines. Additionally, our insulation sheets are ideal for insulated metal panels, architectural panels, and specialty applications.

Extol of Ohio, Inc. offers closed-cellular insulation materials for refrigeration, chilled water, steam and process systems. We fabricate and distribute extruded cellular glass, extruded polystyrene (xps), polyisocyanurate, 25/50 polyisocyanurate, phenolic, perlite (heads) and mineral wool insulation for piping and equipment.  Contoured vessel/tank heads for both hot and cold service, valve and mechanical joint and fitting insulations are also supplied with matching aluminum, stainless steel, PVC or GRP jacketing.  To complete your project; pipe supports, saddles, aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, GRP, adhesives, vapor and weather barrier coatings, caulks and sealants along with foam kits, tape, banding and other accessories are available.  Since 1985, Extol’s total manufacturing capabilities, complete product offerings, specification assistance, technical services, WBE, FBE and HUBZone Certifications distinguish us from other suppliers of thermal insulation systems for pipe, fittings, valves and vessels.  Visit us at for more information.

FastEST, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 with the sole mission of providing the most technologically advanced yet easy-to-use construction cost estimating software available. FastEST’s newest release is the overhauled, new-and-improved version of their FastWRAP™ mechanical insulation estimating software. FastWRAP™ includes a full material and labor database for estimating all types of piping insulation, ductwork insulation, and firestopping.

Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS® Insulation has been “Protecting Companies and Their People Worldwide” for nearly 70 years with unparalleled industrial experience. The distinctive properties and sustainable design of our durable high quality cellular glass insulation material and its accessory products are globally acknowledged as true long term solutions to complicated industrial and commercial challenges.

Specialty Products and Insulation – Originally 15 independent entities, SPI is now a cohesive force in building materials throughout the U.S. By maintaining each of their best, firmly rooted features, the formerly independent companies that now comprise SPI are able to grow and create even greater opportunity in the U.S. construction materials industry. SPI is now a single, solid national company tuned in to the individual building material needs of each U.S. geographical area based on climate, codes and other local variations. Specialized regional product line-ups are paired with SPI’s nationwide foundation of core principles for an outstanding overall customer experience.

Goebel Fasteners, Inc. is the leading global specialist for innovative fastener solutions. Being located in the Gulf Coast region, we focus extra attention on corrosion resistant products. High-quality materials, such as Stainless 316 & Duplex 318L, are what our new products are created from; which range from self-tapping/drilling screws, waterproof rivets, cobalt drill bits, sealing washers, & toggle latches. These are widely used in offshore, oil & gas, marine applications and areas where chlorides are present. Goebel Fasteners, Inc. offers the largest range of innovative fastener solutions in the industry; “Quality The First Time”.

Ideal Products has evolved into one of the most successful insulation jacket manufacturing companies in North America. With Locations in Alberta and Ontario Canada, Malvern Pennsylvania and DongGuan China, Ideal Products has the advantage of providing your material at the best price in the shortest amount of time.

Inspection Plug Strategies, LLC’s products include the self-locking, self-sealing inspection ports for installation into jacketing covering insulated pipes, vessels and tanks. They provide easy access through the insulation system when performing UT inspections for mechanical integrity. The system saves installation time and materials since it does not require screws, sealants or special tools. The plugs are available in diameters of 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”,3.0”, 3.5” and 5.0”. Our patented inspection ports are designed to provide access through insulated piping and equipment to test for CUI. Our labels provide quick location for thickness measurements on bare metal surfaces. They are used in the process safety management and mechanical integrity efforts in our process industries. We also manufacture Thickness Measurement Labels for uninsulated pipes, vessels and tanks.

ITW Insulation Systems is a world leader in supplying high-performance insulation materials for commercial and industrial applications. Our insulation products are designed to meet specifications for a wide range of pipe insulation projects. And ITW Insulation Systems provides support to its customers at every level, with experienced sales and technical service personnel, detailed installation guidelines, product literature and more.

Integrated Marketing Group was founded in 1982.  Our team consists of highly qualified professionals working together to provide our customers with the highest quality products and the greatest economic value.  In addition to our commitment to manufacturing only the highest quality products, Integrated Marketing Group continues to maintain the highest levels of customer service and technical support.  From our dedicated customer support staff and technical service desk to the highly trained field sales representatives, our goal is simple – exceed the customer’s expectations.  We supply our customers with the best and most innovative products available in today’s market allowing them to stay in the forefront of their industry at a cost that gives maximum economic value. With our state of the art equipment we are able to manufacture a wide variety of products.  Our process is fully integrated and includes: plying and warping, weaving, compounding and coating.  Products include: fiberglass fabrics, coated fiberglass, both textile fabrics and PVC tints for welding and much more.  In addition to our manufacturing facilities we also have a Fabrication Facility, and all locations are ISO certified.  While our corporate office is located in Orange County, California, our business extends across the globe.

No two industries are alike. That’s why Johns Manville takes an application-specific approach when designing and engineering each of our insulation products. Whether your focus is on land, sea or space, we understand better than anyone else what is required to deliver the outstanding thermal, acoustical or safety performance your applications demand. Choose from our vast range of insulation solutions or let us design a custom solution to meet your specific needs. When technologically advanced products and outstanding customer service are required for virtually any thermal or acoustical insulation need, you can rely on JM’s long history of proven performance to get the job done.

Industrial Insulation Group, LLC is a Johns Manville company. They provide the broadest portfolio of  insulation solutions for high-temperature applications in the industrial industry. Their product offerings include Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate pipe and block insulation, Super Firetemp fire proofing boards, Sproule WR-1200 perlite pipe and block insulation, MinWool-1200 mineral wool mandrel wound and v-grooved pipe and board insulation, InsulThin HT, a thin, flexible, hydrophobic blanket insulation and insulation accessories. Additionally, Industrial Insulation Group offers educational content to help the industry address top-of-mind issues like corrosion under insulation, personnel protection, heat-loss and energy savings.

K-Flex USA is a leading manufacturer of elastomeric thermal and acoustical insulation for mechanical systems in the HVAC/R, Commercial / Industrial, Plumbing, Oil and Gas, Solar and Marine markets.

MIDWEST FASTENERS is a full line, single-source supplier and manufacturer of Insulation Fasteners and Stud Welding products for the Insulation industry. Serving all Sectors of the Insulation market, MIDWEST’s “Made in the USA” products include Pin and Stud Welding Equipment, Weld Pins, Cuphead Weld Pins, Insulation Hangers, Self-Locking Washers, Weld Studs and much more. MIDWEST has a proven commitment to support and innovate for the Insulation trades, with a 30-year history of successful sales and service — before, during and after the sale.

Miller Insulation Co, Inc. unquestionably exceeds the call of duty in the commercial marketplaces, as well as oil & gas platforms—Miller Insulation is a heavy-hitter in the refrigeration, commercial, industrial mechanical insulation, scaffolding, sandblasting, painting and coatings, and fireproofing. Miller Insulation is the one stop shop for our clients. With four independent branch offices operating across Texas, Miller Insulation is the tip of the spear in mechanical insulation technologies. Team Miller Texas has established the first NCCER Accredited mechanical insulation apprenticeship facility in Texas. We offer this to everyone, including our competitors in the hopes of training up the industry in our marketplace. Our preconstruction/estimation process is unique and one of a kind to the industry. We run a double redundant estimation process with two proven software programs to ensure accuracy in our project estimates. Team Miller Texas stands ready to get underneath your needs commercially and industrially as a turn key operation for your contracts.

Morgan Advanced Materials uses a wide range of specialist, high-specification materials that have extraordinary attributes and properties.  Engineered into products, they deliver enhanced performance, often under extreme conditions.

NDT Seals, Inc. is a family-owned and managed business in Houston, Texas. We design, manufacture and distribute the patented NDT Inspection Plug and NDT Inspection Point Labels. These products are used in the Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity efforts underway in the refining, chemical, petrochemical, paper and pulp, household products, food processing, and transportation industries.

Performance Contracting Group (PCG) is one of the leading specialty contractors in the United States. Our family of companies provides a wide range of quality services and products to the industrial, commercial, and non-residential markets. PCG was formed in February 1987 when it was purchased from Owens Corning Fiberglass by several existing employees in the 40-year-old division. Since then, PCG’s reputation for “providing value that exceeds customers’ expectations” has warranted our significant growth. PCG is employee-owned and now has 50+ offices throughout the United States. PCG is the parent company of Performance Contracting, Inc (PCI). PCI is our largest subsidiary and has two main divisions Insulation & Specialty Services, and Interior Services. This allows us to offer our customers diverse but related services, making PCI a true “single-source” contractor for many customers. We are proud to say that our selective hiring process and active recruiting methods have produced an incredible team of overachievers. We now employ more than 800 salaried individuals and 6,000 skilled craft workers across the U.S.

Proto Corporation manufactures and delivers the most extensive variety of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems.  Since our inception in 1980, our mission has remained the same:  to create superior products, deliver outstanding service, and remain unmatched in product innovation.

RPR Products provides metal Jacketing, industrial siding and accessory products. Since our founding in 1978, RPR has recognized the importance of a well trained, knowledgeable and effective customer service department. Our daily person-to-person contact with our customers is part of our commitment to delivering service and providing solutions that are the best in the industry.

Rock Wool Manufacturing Company was founded in 1943 to manufacture residential blowing wool insulation. In the early 1950s we expanded into the industrial insulation market, producing mineral wool boards and insulating cements. Rock Wool Manufacturing Company continued to grow with the industrial market and moved into high-temperature pipe insulation fabrication in 1988. To this day, Rock Wool Manufacturing Company stays committed to growing to meet the needs of the high-temperature insulation market, whether those needs are an industrial, commercial, residential, or marine application. At Rock Wool Manufacturing Company, we’re especially proud of our customer service. You’ll always get a real person on the phone, and we’re happy to answer any question about technical specifications. Because our people are involved at every step of the process, we can offer the customizations you or your customers need—both with our products and our packaging. Our lead times are typically 3-5 days, and we’ll ship truckloads or LTLs to anywhere in the county. How and when you need it, from real people you can talk to.

The ROCKWOOL Group was founded in 1909 and today we are world leaders in stone wool production, creating sustainable solutions to protect life, assets and the environment today and tomorrow.

SMC Industries, Inc. (formerly Sproule Manufacturing Company, Inc.) started manufacturing Perlite Silicate Pipe & Block Insulations in 1977 as a subcontractor to a Wilmington, Delaware firm with manufacturing rights to a Patent held by E.I. DuPont Co. The quality control of these products was so poor that breakage in shipments and handling limited its acceptance. In 1979 We requested, and were granted, a license to manufacture Perlite Silicate Pipe & Block Insulations by the DuPont Company. Our first order of business was to improve and upgrade the quality of the existing product. Over 100 formulations were tested until we finally hit on one that gave our products much improved better physical and thermal properties between 1979 and 1980.

Southern Stud Weld is a full service stud welding supplier. We manufacture fasteners, distribute complete stud welding systems, manufacture and distribute a complete line of insulation accessories. Our Access Plug Flange product line is designed to identify and access test measurement locations on insulated and non-insulated pipe and equipment to monitor mechanical integrity. We service and support what we sell. Our products are manufactured at our plant located in Irving Texas, with the capability to run a variety of metal working operations on screw machines, thread rolling, cold heading, and metal stamping machines. SSW specializes in short run jobs with quick turn around times. We listen to our customers when they tell us what they need because good ideas make better products.

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