SWICA Fall Golf Tournament

Kingwood Country Club

Kingwood Country Club

1700 Lake Kingwood Trial

Kingwood Clubhouse

Kingwood, TX 77339

October 29, 2020

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Clubs of Kingwood has implemented protocol to ensure all players are safe and limited contact between their staff, members, and guests to keep everyone as safe as possible while still enjoying a fun-filled day of golf.


  • Masks are required when entering any facility but can be removed when sitting or dining
  • All touchpoints (door handles, railings, tables, chairs, counters, etc.) and restrooms are being sanitized multiple times per day
  • Touchless hand sanitizer machines are at all entrances and at multiple areas throughout the club
  • All carts are being sanitized when they are brought out for the day and upon return to the cart barn before additional use
  • Single rider carts are required
  • Flag sticks have a pool noodle attached to them in the cup so easy access to golf balls
  • The site also uses a fogging cleaner at night after the club closes to help remove germs from all surfaces and areas
  • Showers are available, but players will need to bring their own towels

Sign up Today!!! This is a fun event for the benefit of our association. Invite a customer or service vendor that could benefit through our membership. For example, this could include your banker, lawyer, CPA, broker, uniform supplier, cellular phone salesman, printer, delivery service, insurance person, whomever. The purpose is to expand this tournament as a networking base for the mutual benefit of our association. Get your suppliers to sponsor this event. LIMIT 288 PLAYERS…REGISTER TODAY!

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